How to Kill Lake Weeds 

Prevention is better than cure. Make sure to take the preventive measures in order to prevent lake weed from growing. If the pond banks are steeply sloped, the weeds will face difficulties in growing. On the other hand, if the margins of the banks are shallow, they may grow and ultimately spread in the deep waters. As a result, the best height of a bank must be 4 feet where the depth of the water is 2 to 3 feet. This can prevent weeds from taking place.

Remove weeds mechanically - if you necessitate to remove the lake weed from the pond in order to restore its esthetic value, then starting removing the weeds. If the infestation is so big that it required bigger attention then your hands will not be enough, you can utilize the underwater weed cutter or Weed Razers. They are great for nuisance plants such as water lilies and milfoil. The only disadvantage of utilizing an underwater cutter is that they will recline in the bed lake and there are particular weed species able to reproduce from small species.

Utilize the drawdown method to control weeds - this method works best during winter seasons. And it is during this time that prolonged freezing will cause sediment exposure. During this time, low water levels will uncover the plants causing them to desiccate as well as drawdown which causes them to be stressful and ultimately, die.

Use a herbicide in treating the plants - the chemicals utilized for killing or treating the aquatic weeds are called as herbicides. If they are utilized in the right amount, they can take away algae and weeds without causing harm to the fishes and other species in the pond. In addition, you can effectively treat 25 to 33 percent of the pond are using herbicides at any point in time. Keep in mind that too much of this chemical can cause harm to the species living in the water.Check them out at weedrazers.com.

Take advantage of a benthic barrier - the benthic barrier is famously called as bottom screen. It will cover the sediment such as blanket and will compress the aquatic plants by way of preventing the sunlight from entering. And because in the sunlight they live, you need to cut its main source for them to die. Also, the colonies are so massive to be pulled by hand, you can just use a bottom screen to do the task for you.

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